Sunday, September 4, 2016

12 am Rant

So. This is Times New Roman. That is, the Times New Roman spin-off. The off-brand. The second-rate because of lack of name. That tag you wear (or in this case, don't wear) that says, “look at me. I have arrived.” But, it is in all qualities, alike. In no way inferior. Not missing a single serif. But nameless. And therefore, people don’t use Linux. Why not??

Prestige? Laziness? Fear of the unknown?? Or fear of responsibility for one's computer life: the million unintended agreements and consequences that are entailed by pre-packaged OS's.  Fear of the responsibilities of freedom.

What kind of nonsense do you write at twelve in the morning to test a new laptop for its typewriting qualities?

Gah. There actually WAS an annoying note. An auto-correct. A phantom of the Nazis, telling me, ME, how to spell. Words like antiquarian and proletariat, thou and thee and the other. Grammar suggestions from geeks. But the wrong SORT of geeks. The ones that do not KNOW how to pronounce homogenous. That are unaware that two words co-exist and that one, more greatly used, is now seen as a synonymous variation of the other... which is nonetheless no argument for spelling "homogenous" (as in milk) and saying homo-genius. People who understand the most primitive logic required to code a computer, those that indefatigably gabble garble with the screen in tiny minutiae at 3 o clock in the morning accompanied by half an old sandwich and a liter of mountain dew (and admittedly, without whom my resources in life would be greatly reduced). 

Telling Me how to spell. I must interject an old-fashioned, disgusted, “Well, really.”

And I mean it, too.

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