Thursday, December 8, 2011


The air between the earth and sky is pure,
A blade of frozen fire, strong with hope
That writes itself across the world. A gift
Illuminates our darkened hearts- full love
Comes blazing, in a ringing, golden glow;
Commands our blinded, quaking hearts to lift

Our eyes, our dreams, our fears, ourselves; to lift
The broken shadows that we are, let pure
Reality unmake us in its glow.
“You, heavy-laden: cast it down and hope,
For He is here, the One-Who-Is.” This love
Once spoke and worlds existed: such a gift

Cannot be earned. It is the only gift,
And utterly complete. A cross they lift
Beyond the shores of Time. There is no love
Like this, that uncontained by death and pure
Despair, must flash (in answer to the hope)
Forth from the grave itself a lightning glow.

This is the dawn, that in a Christmas glow
One single star proclaimed, one mage’s gift
Foretold. On luminary waves of hope
Extravagant, the inner storm clouds lift
And blow away, beyond the realm of pure
Imagination, leaving skies I love

Of azure blue, serene as peace that love
Has brought to me. The phoenix in a glow
Has hurtled flaming from the sky, a pure
And noble-blazoned image of the Gift.
Familiar strains of mighty music lift
Within the confines of the van. I hope,

When we get home (which is too much to hope)
There will be dinner left for me. I love
These frosty nights and going home; I lift
My eyes up to the hills. The moon’s cold glow
Has splashed the fields like milk. My sister’s gift
Is safe, tucked into my pocket. Pure

Anticipation  –that and the clinging hope 
Of food- has made me eager. Happy love
For God, for faith, for family I lift                
And happy thanks for healthy hunger’s glow,
That gnaws my ribs and is itself a gift.
“O Holy Night,” rings out against the pure

Blue stars with hope. The darkness is a glow
Of light and love. Great stabs of Joy, in gift,
Pierce souls, lift thoughts, to Agapě pure.