Monday, July 1, 2013

Coast to Coast in June

"Well, I'm back."

No posts and no word for the past month--during which I had the perfectly valid excuse of travel.  Between each of the members of our little household, in the month of June we covered several thousand miles, from the East Coast to the West (and a little bit of Canada)!!

As impressive as it sounds, it was less glamorous contextually.  My husband had two back-to-back conferences, one on one coast and the other, well, on the other. :)  We had planned for several months for all of us to accompany my husband to the first conference, a place I yearn to go rather passionately.  But necessary cuts to our personal budget forced us to amend the original plan and stay behind.  However, rather than stay home alone for two forlorn weeks (or three) by ourselves, the little one and I therefore trekked back towards the Midwest for a gorgeous visit to the country.  My husband then retrieved us by car, and we all made our way cross-country home again, here to celebrate our little family reunion with an in-house vacation of four days, during which we were home to no one but ourselves.

Where I have been, Internet access has been sparse to non-existent... and admittedly fewer pictures got taken by either my husband or myself than could be wished: in just two or three places was there time or leisure to consider pictures.  Our motto from long time back has always been that it is better to enjoy ourselves living life rather than preserving pictures of life going by around us.  Most photography is not truly candid, anyway; we wilfully make things look the way we want them to look on screen, as it is too easy to make pictures in general and candid photos are generally, well, boring... not to mention embarrassing.  However, we had three afternoons between us spent in capturing on camera.

For the sake of getting back into blogging here at Scieppan, and also by way of apology for being away so long, I have decided to include some of the photos we did manage to take without labels from our trip, some easier and some more difficult to recognize, and anyone who cares to may puzzle over where we have been!

Next Stop: ??

 In Transit:

 Together again:

"East or west, home is best."

"There's romance enough at home, without going half a mile for it;
only people never think of it."
-Charles Dickens (posthumous Pickwick Papers)


  1. What, floating lanterns? Details immediately or else!!! Your roses are absolutely smashing! Makes me want to go plant some right now.

    1. I am pleased you like them. :) This roadside park overlooking the lake at sunset was located in a small town we drove through because of misinformation about a gas station. We stopped here for a while, anyway, it was so lovely. A biker and his companion stopped also, and a few couples as well as a family with a few small boys. The motorcyclist knew what would entrance his young audience, and with the help of his lady friend, produced from his saddlebags three lovely lanterns like small hot air balloons, which he allowed each boy to launch. We were all very impressed, looking on; they floated into the sunset high above the lake and I snapped what pictures I could. PS, he swore they were perfectly biodegradable. ;) One way or the other, they were beautiful.