Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Sunday Benediction

File:Meadowlark page 1805.jpg
ill. The Home and School Reference Work. ed. H.M. Dixon 1917.
The house is still this morning; all asleep

Are those within, as quiet sunbeams drift

Through open windows, from the far-off deep

Of space, still shining.  Leafy branches sift

The golden travelers, which run in streams

Between to reach the house, where on the floor

They lie, and shifting still in changeful gleams,

Together seem alive. 

The open door

Invites the symphony of wind and light

And meadowlarks to enter and to fill

This habitation.  Wild, summer-bright,

The music resonates with strength of will.

On waves of glory, greater purpose breaks;

Creation the most perfect sermon makes.

File:Moritz von Schwind 004.jpg
Morgenstunde, by Moritz von Schwind, 1858.

Carolina Rose. Cornell U., 2012.
File:Western Meadowlark singing.jpg
photo by Alan Vernon, 2009.  Western Meadowlark singing.


  1. What beautiful words. Who wrote that?

    1. She did! She's a wonderful poet.

    2. I mean Ania did. I just take care of the design on this blog, Ania does all the writing and posting of pictures.

    3. Thanks for the kudos, Grace! :) I did write the poem, Kathleen; anything that isn't attributed on the site is my own work, with the exception of one post back in winter (the design of course is Grace's). Thank you both for your comments; I'm so glad you liked the post!