Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Human Condition

Blank.  The surface may or may not fill
With words that soothe a wandering will.

Desperate.  Tears desert the deepest need;
If heart can cry, it can be freed.

Torn.  Between two worlds, and beings, two:
Time-Existence- passing through

 Shattered stellar systems' years
Like meteors.  Like dust.  Like tears.

Mortal- a sole deflected spark
Whelmed in tides of utter dark.

Undying- second existence twined
With essence holy, undefined

Definer, axiom of Light,
of Justice' strength, of Beauty's might.

Duality.  Not in God, but man,
His nature split since time began;

Though filled with reasoned passions deep,
To hunger subject, and to sleep.

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